Part Sudoku, part Kakuro,
and part
something else entirely--
that's OCTO!

The goal of an Octo puzzle is to place the numbers 1 to 8 in each of the octagons such that the numbers are not repeated in any octagon, row, column, or diagonal.  

As clues, you get the numbers in the triangles at the beginning and end of the shorter diagonals, which are the sum of the four or six numbers in that diagonal.  The number in the diamond is a different clue--it's the sum of the four numbers that directly border the diamond.

For more detailed instructions, tips, and techniques click here.

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OCTO Spectrum -- 60 Puzzles, from Easy to Very Hard
OCTO Reloaded -- 60 Puzzles, from Easy to Very Hard
OCTO Genesis -- 60 Puzzles, only Easy and Medium
OCTO Nemesis -- 60 Puzzles, only Hard and Very Hard
OCTO Unleashed -- 60 Puzzles, from Easy to Very Hard
OCTO Patchwork -- 90 Puzzles, mostly Easy and Medium
OCTO Fireworks -- 90 Puzzles, Medium to Very Hard

In Northern Virginia, OCTO books are available at:

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